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  • Miller, J.-A. « The Written in Speech » FC12


A New Conception of Psychosis : Foreclosure of the Name-of-the-father

  • Mariage, V. « Clinical Work w/ Psychotic » FC1
  • Bouillot, P. « Postpone Meeting Other » FC9
  • Doisneau, E. « No Name for Worst » FC10

Desire of the Mother

  • Holvoet, D. « Mother/Daughter Couple » FC10

Imaginary Crutches

  • Lysy-Stevens, A. « Untriggered Psychosis » FC12
  • Cuzin-Bressot, J. « Question of Birth » FC11
  • Vanbeughen, C. « Superman, That’s me… » FC3

The Body

  • Deprost, F. « Feminisation in Psychosis » FC7
  • Marot, M. « Shoes at the Antenna » FC9
  • Lemaire-Diricq, B. « Children w/o Speech » FC9

The Neurotic’s Question

  • Weinstein, A. « Most Divine Hysteric » FC9
  • Delplanche, D. « Anger » FC9


  • Baio, V. « Cito, Tute, Iucunde » FC9
  • Poblome, G. « Psychotic Comes to Speech » FC9
  • Damase, H. « What Becomes of the Lunatic » FC9
  • Langelez, K. « Getting Our Bearings » FC12


  • Caroz, G. « Victory of the Subject » FC9
  • Hellebois, P. « Psychotic Dimension Retard » FC9
  • Aucremanne, J.-L. « Maladjusted Chil : Aichorn » FC11
  • Hoornaert, G. « Problem of SuperEgo » FC7


  • Laurent, E. « Institution of the Phantasm » FC4
  • Stevens, A. « Courtil, a choice » Mental 2

Practical Consequences

  • Seynhaeve, B. « Admission in Institution » FC5
  • Haarscher, D. « Beforehand to Preliminaries » FC4
  • Besserer, P. « When Surprise Makes Clinic » FC11
  • Vlassembrouck, M. « Conjoncture of Release » FC10

Consequences in the Structuring Logic

  • Stevens, A. « Applied Psychoanalysis » FC9
  • Zenoni, A. « Clinic in Institute : Neuro » FC4
  • Zenoni, A. « Clinic in Institute : Psycho » FC9
  • Lacadee, P. « Mark of Freudian Subversion » FC9
  • Cottes, J.-P. « Consequences for Institute » FC6
  • Rouillon, J.-P. « The Part Played » FC9

Translation : Cindie Linse

Le Courtil is an institution for psychotic and pathologic neurotic children and young adults that was founded in September 1982 by Alexandre Stevens. Destined for twenty, today about hundred and fifty patients are housed.

It is situated in Belgium on the French border, next to the large urban community of the North: Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing.

Since twenty years its work is based on the strict psychoanalytical reference to Freud and Lacan. The continuous elaboration of this clinic is the melting pot of a working community which is sustained since the beginning by a regular seminar of case studies and of reading analytical texts.

May 1989 was the time of the presentation of our elaborations to the public in a publication : the Courtil Papers.

An important number of the members of our team are member of the "École de la Cause Freudienne", have ties with another school of the WAP or are member of the "Association Cause Freudienne. Therefore the flyers are fully situated in the large Freudian Field .

The Courtil Papers edited on the WWW, are a selection of publications of the collection of the numbers 1 to 18.

The foundation and the organization of the work of the Courtil has benefited from the experience of our collegues of the l'Antenne 110 - institution for psychotical children, situated in Brussels and opened years before the Courtil - and especially from its founder: Antonio Di Ciaccia.

Between the two institututions, multiple bonds exist. The Antenne 110 also has its own publication, since 1986 : Préliminaire’.

This innovatory movement of the work in those institututions who accommodate psychotic subjects dind’t stay enclosed in itself. An International Network of Institutions for children in the Freudian field (Reseau Internationale d’Institution Infantila du Champ freudien (RI3), was created with the help of Jacques-Alain Miller in 1993 and, initially assembling, besides the Antenne 110 and the Courtil, the institution Nonette from Clermont-Ferrand, and later Mish’olim from Tel Aviv. A Workshop is held every two years.